Adoption Enquiry Form

Congratulations on finding a pet that might be suitable for your family! This form, as well as a consultation with a ARQ adoption representative, is designed so we can best understand what you are looking for in your next pet, and help you to find the right match.

  • In order to be considered for adoption you must:
  • Be a home owner or provide written approval from your property manager
  • Have the appropriate fencing and environment for your chosen animal
  • Be available for a property inspection where necessary
  • Be able and willing to spend the time, money and care needed for the animal you have chosen by means of training, medical treatment and proper love and attention of your pet.

Please note that completion of this application and associated consultations etc does not guarantee your adoption approval of an ARQ animal. We will however take every step to match you with the right pet for your needs.


Name of the animal you wish to adopt:



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Do you own your home or rent? If rent do you have landlords written permission to provide to ARQ?:

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Please describe your home (house, apartment, acreage etc) and yard size including fence height and material (small/medium/large/acreage yard etc):

Have you adopted a rescue pet before? If yes please give details:

Have you had to surrender or re-home a pet before. If yes please give details:

Please provide information on pets you currently have (Animal – Breed – Sex – Ages). Please advise if your pets are currently desexed and vaccinated:

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Are you after a specific breed? If yes please tell us why you have chosen that breed:

What kind of temperament pet are you looking for? (Active, playful, easy going, couch potato etc):

How often do you plan to exercise the dog and how will it be exercised?:

How much time do you spend at home?:

What sort of lifestyle do you have? (very active – active – sometimes active – not active):

When you go on holidays, what will happen to your pet? Please provide details:

Do you plan to commence obedience training with your new dog? Are you prepared to toilet train the dog if need be? Please provide details:

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