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Chelsea has had a severe cough and poor exercise tolerance for the past 5 weeks since she was rescued. Initially it was thought that she had pneumonia but she hasn’t improved with antibiotic treatment. Her chest x-rays are abnormal and unusual, with changes that could indicate pneumonia but aren’t typical. She needs to have further testing to find the underlying cause of the problem and provide treatment.

She needs to have 2 tests done – bronchoscopy and an endotracheal wash. Both involve a brief anaesthetic. Bronchoscopy uses an endoscope to look at the inside of the windpipe and major airways, and an endotracheal wash is a ‘lung wash’ where samples are collected from down in the lungs for a pathologist to look at the cells and to perform a culture.

This should tell us if this is a bacterial infection that needs different antibiotics or if it is something more unusual that would require different treatment, such as steroids.

Cost is $2,500 – including the two tests, previous X-rays and multiple consults and antibiotics for 5 weeks.

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