Thank you for choosing to make a donation to Animal Rescue Qld.

Without the generosity of donors like yourself ARQ could not continue to operate and help the hundreds of stray and abused animals that come through its doors each year.

Remember, Animal Rescue QLD does not always get the beautiful, well-behaved animals. We get the ones who are victims of puppy farm over breeding, neglect, abandonment, & abuse. They come from the streets, from filthy pens, from lives lived in crates. Most of them haven’t had proper veterinary care until they come to us. They’re scared, depressed, anxious, angry, & sick. Many of them have given up on themselves, on people, & on life itself. But as rescue, we don’t give up.

We believe that all animals are capable of giving back much more love than you could ever imagine. They just need a little time — time to heal & time to trust again. So please, donate to a rescued animal to save its life.

Do you have dog food or other items that you want to donate? We have donation points across SE QLD & Mackay email Donations for more information.

Every little bit counts

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To Donate for Transport.

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Bank of QLD
Account Name: Animal Rescue Qld Inc.
BSB 124 028
Account Number 221 598 74

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