Fostering Agreement TOA


  1. I am 18 years of age or older and have read, understood and agreed to the terms below.
  2. I agree to accept the pet described to me by ARQ until the pet is permanently adopted.
  3. I agree to accept the pet in its current condition and health. I understand that the animal will be coming directly from the pound/other environment to my home. Because of this ARQ do not know the history of the animals and some that are healthy on presentation may occasionally be incubating contagious diseases that may not show themselves until they are in your home.
  4. I agree to accept the pet in its current condition and behaviour. All known behaviour concerns will be advised at the time of fostering.
  5. ARQ will not be responsible for any diseases, damages, loss, expenses or injury to your home, your other pets, yourself, your family or any visitors to your home.
  6. I agree that confidential information will be passed to me about my foster pet, and ARQ. I agree I will not pass on any information to third parties (including other rescue organizations) without prior written consent of ARQ.
  7. I agree that my animals are all vaccinated and I have provided accurate desexing status of my animals, and I understand the risks involved with fostering

Conditions of Care:

  1. I agree that the number of animals (dogs and cats) will not exceed the limits requires under my Council’s local law.
  2. I agree to maintain and house the pet in suitable conditions. The pet will become a member of our family and as such will be cared for with the comforts of home. Please understand that hygiene and daily cleaning of my pets area is a critical part of caring for a pet as well as a secure fenced environment.
  3. The information I have provided to ARQ as to the property on which the pet is to be housed and my ability to maintain the pet in proper health is true and not misleading in any way.
  4. I agree not to house the pet at an alternative location or pass the pet into the care of another person, without the prior express consent of ARQ.
  5. I understand that ARQ may before or during the Fostering Period inspect the property on which the pet is to be housed to ensure the pet’s safety and security and that as a result of this inspection I may be requested by ARQ to return the pet. I agree to return the pet if requested to do so by ARQ at a mutually convenient time and place. I understand that at all times, the animal is the property of ARQ.
  6. I agree to provide monthly flea treatment, and quarterly gastro-intestinal worming treatment. After the dog has been heartworm tested by a vet, I agree to provide monthly heartworm treatment. (ARQ do provide donated products to carers when and if available.)
  7. The pet will, at all times, wear a collar with an ARQ ID Tag attached to the collar. The dog, will not be allowed off my property or allowed in any unsecured area (not even leash free parks) without a collar and lead.
  8. I agree that shall the pet get sick or injured whilst in my care due to negligence, I agree to pay all costs involved. This includes but not limited to – for example the pet digesting poisons in my home, the dog gets out of your yard and is involved in a dog attack, the dog is impounded due to insufficient fencing. ARQ pays for all the standard rescue vet work and care for any illnesses the pet may catch.
  9. I agree that I will not foster any other animal from any other rescue organizations without prior notification and approval from ARQ. This is to elevate issues arising from cross contamination of disease and behaviour.


  1. I understand that all day-to-day costs associated with the care of the pet (such as food, worming treatment, flea treatment etc) are my responsibility and cost. ARQ will provide these available for pick up on a weekly basis only if donations have been provided accordingly.
  2. I understand that if the pet needs transporting to a vet or other location, I agree to organize my schedule accordingly – as I would for my own pets. I understand that the transportation costs will be at my own expense, however all standard vet costs will be covered by ARQ.
  3. If I need to return the pet for any reason prior to a permanent home being found, I agree that this process can take up to two weeks – sometimes longer. I agree to maintain my care of the dog until such time that a new suitable foster home can be found, or pay for suitable licensed boarding facility.
  4. I agree to provide photographs and information within 24hrs for adoption purposes, and make regular (fortnightly) contact with my Foster Liaison to provide updates.
  5. I agree to contact the Foster Care coordinator immediately if the pet is sick, injured or experiencing difficulties settling in. I understand that calls will not be answered outside of business hours (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm). If I have an emergency (such as the pet is sick or has been lost) I agree to contact ARQ via txt message. The best contact is 0410 150 797 or 0435 600 556.
  6. I agree to advise my Foster Coordinator should the pet require any veterinary treatment. I understand that veterinary costs will only be covered by ARQ with prior approval.
  7. I agree to advise my Foster Coordinator if I require any short-term assistance to house the foster dog due to planned holidays etc. I will provide as much notice as possible and endeavour to find a suitable temporary carer within my own contacts.

Adoption enquiries:

  1. I understand that when the Adoptions Coordinator receives adoption enquiries about the pet, I will be contacted by ARQ and the new adopters. I agree to actively participate in the adoption process if required.
  2. I agree that I will make the pet available at photo shoots, adoptions days etc at various locations around SEQ at least once a month.
  3. I understand that I may apply to adopt the pet however this is subject to the terms and conditions of adoption, and payment of the full adoption price for the pet.

Return of pet:

  1. If during the Fostering Period I feel the pet is unsuitable for any reason I will contact my Foster Coordinator and arrange a mutually convenient time to deliver to foster pet to a new foster carer. I understand this process takes varied time.
  2. I indemnify ARQ, its directors, members, employees and volunteers for any liability, costs or expenses which arise as a result of my actions or omissions (including negligence) or the pet’s condition, health or behaviour and acknowledge that ARQ is not liable or responsible for the pet after the pet comes into my care.

29. I will notify ARQ within 7 days of any change to my contact details recorded above

Version 1 Dated 29.9.2016