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Fostering animals is, simply put, saving lives. When you become a foster parent with ARQ, you volunteer to keep a homeless pet in your home temporarily until they are adopted into a forever home.  ARQ save unwanted, neglected and abused pets from a variety of circumstances. We are run entirely through our foster care program, and so we rely on foster homes to keep pets until they are adopted.

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Many people come up with excuses not to foster. They think they’re too busy, or they don’t want to get attached to an animal they’ll have to give up when it’s adopted. We believe that just about any foster home is better than the dog staying in the pound, or worse not making it out at all. But if you still need some convincing – then read on!

Info About Fostering

Fostering is temporary. If you’ve already got a dog, it’s not a big change  to add one more pup to your daily walks and training schedule. Knowing the  foster animal will only be with you for a temporary period makes it easier to give  them up when it’s time. Foster families are usually the first to find out about  the pet’s personality. You may even be the first to teach your foster pet basic  house manners, making them more appealing to potential adopters. Foster  families play a vital role in helping the pet get adopted. Most animals are  rehomed within approximately 8-12 weeks however some pets may take a little  longer to find the right family and some may only take a couple of weeks.

What do I need to become a foster  carer? All you need to be a foster carer is a loving  attitude toward animals, availability to collect the animal from its location  (often an animal shelter), take the animal to the vet if needed (an ARQ  approved vet), take regular photographs of your foster pet, and provide updates  and feedback on your pet’s progress. But most of all provide a suitable home  and environment to house the pet until they are adopted.  

You probably already have the space for one more. A spare bedroom, office,  or screen porch is the perfect place for a foster pet. Even a bathroom is  enough room for a puppy, and it’s much larger than a cage in a shelter.  Sometimes a spare room is the only thing standing between an animal and  euthanasia in a pound.

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I might want to adopt my foster pet. Maybe you want to foster a  certain dog breed to see if you’re ready to adopt one? Or maybe you want a new  pet now but aren’t sure where you’ll be in the next 5, 10, 15, or 20 years.  Though fostering is not a trial adoption period for that pet, it can help you  try out changes to your current “fur family.” If you don’t find the right fit  straight away, that’s ok – the more animals your pets come in contact with, the  better they are at dealing with stress and getting used to strangers. Your pet  might even find a playmate in your foster pet.

Who pays for the vet bills if veterinary  care is required? Animal Rescue Qld is responsible for all  vet-related costs that are incurred during foster care and you will be provided  with foster information in regards to processes and procedures. All you need to  provide for the pet is food, water, a comfy place to sleep and of course –  LOVE!

You can choose how to foster. Only want to foster certain sized dogs? Prefer to  look after puppies? Can’t foster for more than a few months at a time? ARQ can  work with you to accommodate your needs so your foster experience is one that  makes you want to foster again and again! During your foster period, you will  also have access to forum support from other current ARQ foster carers, a  dedicated support person to contact at any time, and emergency phone numbers  shall something need urgent attention.

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You are saving a life. You feel good, Animal Rescue QLD can help more  animals, and your foster pet is happy, healthy, and well-socialized. Talk about  win-win-win!

Who can I contact to ask some questions  before fostering?
Please email our foster care coordinator.

I want to help – what now?
Please fill in  our Foster Care Application and we will be in  contact!

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