Information required so we can move your foster dog

Dogs Name:


E-mail address:

Best Contact Number:

Date of last flea treatment?

Date of last heartworm treatment?

Date of last intestinal worming?

Does your foster dog jump or climb fences:

How high can they jump?

Best fencing type and height to keep them safe (i.e if you have no problem with this then what is your fence height and type)?

Have they escaped before – please explain?

Does your foster dog dig?

Does your foster chew items?

Is your foster dog housetrained?

Does your foster dog walk well on the lead?

What basic commands do they know (Sit, come, down, etc.)?

Is your foster dog soical with cats?

Is your foster dog social with small dogs?

Is your foster dog soical with big dogs?

Is your foster dog soical with livestock (i.e horses, chickens etc)?

How is your foster dog with children (any particular age)?

Does your foster dog travel well in the car?

Does your dog have separation anxiety?

If yes – what is the separation anxiety behaviour?

Where does the dog sleep at night?

How often is your dog walked?

How long is the dog left on its own when you go out?

Do you know how your foster dog is off leash – do they have good recall?

What are the good qualities of your foster dog or the things they do that would make you smile?

What are the bad qualities of your foster dog or things that could use improvement?