Fund Raising

“Save our Shelter”

First things first – while we care for up to 200 pets at any one time, we are not lucky/financial enough to have a “shelter”. All of our animals are kept in foster homes around SEQ and Mackay – but Save Our Shelter seems the most appropriate words for the situation we are in.

Last week we told our supporters that we are in a dire desperate situation. With so many sick animals and those needing extra vet care, we find ourselves needing to raise $34,000. That is the total of our vet bills for one month. $34,000. Yep. We have been hit very hard financially and we have never experienced anything like this since opening our doors almost 5years ago.

We put the call out and you have responded. When we need you most, you are there. We cannot begin to tell you how humbled we feel. But we have a long way to go yet, and so we are still working on our fundraising – still swimming like mad ducks behind the scenes while we try and keep calm above the surface.

With another $24,000 to go, we have some fundraising campaigns happening. We have a chocolate drive, bake sales, merchandise sales, Christmas donation trees, raffles, auctions, our Christmas Fundraising party, markets. Our team are working all day and all night, and we are chipping away at this bill. But it’s not easy, but if we can keep up the support, then we have hope. Please – we are not out of danger of closing yet – we still need you to spread the word, give what you can and help keep ARQ alive.

We do not for a second regret saving these precious special worthy delightful souls. We would do it again tomorrow. That’s what ARQ is – we don’t let money decide the fate of an animal. We try. We fundraise. We find the money. That’s the least we can do for these poor homeless unloved creatures who have no one else fighting for them. But now, we need you to continue fight for us.

We don’t get government funding. We don’t have a shelter. We rely on our fundraising and our kind supporters. We don’t have people bequest money or property. We have a handful of regular monthly donors (less than $200 a month). We run literally on an oily rag.

Never has our situation been this critical. Never have we been forced to say “we may have to close”. Never have we pleaded so desperately to our community. We need you. We need your help. We need anything you can spare. Please.

Closing our doors will mean the 500+ animals we take in every year will have nowhere to go. All the shelters are full. They’re all working as hard as they can. The reality is these animals will die without ARQ. That’s 2,500 dead animals in the next 5 years if we cannot pay this vet bill. Please help us fight to stay open.

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